Doggy Daycare

Have a puppy that needs to burn some energy? How about an older dog that wants some friends to keep them company? Our Doggie Daycare will match your fur baby’s personality to compatible play groups so they get the socialization, activities and exercise they desire.

Whether you’re a commuter, need a day to run some errands or just want to clean the house without interruption, we keep them engaged and cared for so you can tend to those other things.

Our daycare groups are kept small (10-15 dogs per group) and are fully supervised to ensure a safe and happy environment. Each group will get several hours of playtime per day with rest periods in between.

All guests are required to be up to date on their regular vaccinations including Bordetella. To ensure a fun and safe group play experience we request that all dogs over 7 months of age be spayed or neutered.

For some dogs, daycare may be not be the right environment. All guests will be subject to an assessment of their compatibility with others and alternative experiences may be suggested.

Daycare available during our regular business hours.

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Prepaid Credit Packages:

5 $115.04 $69.03
10 $216.81 $130.97
15 $308.85 $185.84
20 $400.00 $240.71

Daycare is available during regular business hours only from Monday to Friday.
Prepaid Credit Packages expire 90 days after purchase.
All Pricing Subject to HST.