Cat Boarding

Meredun 4 Paws - Cat Kennel

The Cozy Kitty Cottage is its own building, set apart from the hustle and bustle of their canine friends. The space boasts extra-large suites for one or multiple cat families all of which have their own windows, cat trees or climbers and space for their necessities. Our cottage is an all-season, climate controlled facility with a hydronic, in floor heating system for the winter and air conditioning for the summer. There is also an air exchange unit that keeps the air fresh and our feline guests healthy and comfortable.

For the comfort of your feline friend please provide us with their regular food and treats.  We have a freezer, fridge and microwave available for those diets that require it.

Please bring any medications that your cat requires in its original package with instructions. Your pet’s health and comfort are our main concern!

Cat Vaccination Requirements:
Please note that we require proof that all cats be up to date on their regular feline virus and rabies vaccinations.

Reserve a stay for your cat online, or give us a call today.
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